What we do

soulcirclenewWomen need to sit in circles, not because we need healing, but because we need replenishment.  Women need to go deep.  Sitting in circle nourishes the soul.

What do we do in the circle?

We open the circle by checking in on how we are feeling.

We often start with bodywork: moving, stretching, breathing and/or meditation. We begin with this in order to move our awareness into our bodies. This allows us to then read the book using all our senses and not just the mind.

We may read whichever chapter we are currently looking at and discuss.

We may paint, draw, do collage, use clay or whatever seems appropriate to the session.

We often use ritual to mark the changing seasons.

We close the circle by each person speaking about their experiences if they wish to.


Circle Guidelines 

• Consider it a sacred space.

• One person speaks at a time.

• Speak and listen from the heart.

• Encourage and welcome diverse points of view.

• Listen with discernment instead of judgement.

• Offer experience instead of advice.

• When in doubt or need, pause and silently ask for guidance.

• Decide together what is to be held in confidence.

• Speak from your own experience and beliefs rather than speaking for others.

(Guidelines taken from the Gather the Women movement)